Asociación de Ingenieros de Minas, Metalurgistas y Geólogos de México, A.C.


Mining, Metallurgy and Geology Bowl

The "Mining, Metallurgy and Geology Bowl" competition is a fast-paced exam-type knowledge meeting, in which teams from the Mining, Metallurgy and Geology careers of the participating universities face each other, in a group knockout tournament. The tournament will be held on October 21 and 22 at the Imperial World Exhibition Center.

Within the Organizing Committee of the tournament, the student societies and coordinations of the corresponding universities will be co-participating.

The competition will be carried out with a team representing the participating universities, which is the responsibility of each university to choose and train with the selection method and the criteria they consider relevant. The only way to register the representative team is through the coordinators or the student society of the Faculty in the Mining, Metallurgy and Geology careers of your University.

  • First Places: $ 10,000.00 MXN (X three categories) = $ 30,000.00 MXN
  • Second Places: $ 5,000.00 MXN (X three categories) = $ 15,000.00 MXN
  • Third Places: $ 2,500.00 MXN (X three categories) = $ 7,500.00 MXN



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