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Announcement for the presentation of technical works in the

XXXIII International Mining Convention

The Association of Mining Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mexico, A.C. —AIMMGM, AC — will hold its XXXIII INTERNATIONAL MINING CONVENTION 2019, an event considered the most important in the sector in our country. The Convention will be held from October 22 to 25, 2019 at the Convention Center of Expo Mundo Imperial in Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico.

For this Convention we will have, once again, the participation of various countries who have been with us during the last years and where national and international experts will present the latest technological advances on issues related to our sector.

The thematic axes of the Convention will be: Geology, Mining, Metallurgy, Remediation and Environment, Sustainability and General Issues.

The works to be presented may be investigations, applications, initiatives, projects, case studies or successful or failed experiences, from which future learning can be inferred.

The technical program will try to respond to the guild's expectations, presenting an updated review of the trends and strategies to follow in our sector.

Our commitment as a committee responsible for the technical component of the Convention is to: Offer high-level technical information to the conventionists that allows them to establish the most convenient options for solving specific problems; facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences among colleagues that allow the progress of mining as a whole; Offer the opportunity for interaction between national professionals and invited international experts.


Articles or technical papers may be written in Spanish or English, must be original and have not been published or be considered for publication in other media, must include a summary and will be submitted to arbitration by reviewers appointed by the organizing committee .

Articles must necessarily contain the following:

  • Title.- It should be brief, specific and as informative and appropriate to the content of the possible work.
  • Authors.- Include the name (s) and surname (s) of each author when appropriate.
  • Entity of affiliation.- Name of the companies or institutions to which the authors are attached.
  • E-Mail.-Only from the first author.
  • Abstract.- In Spanish and English and with an extension of between 300 and 500 words.
  • Introduction.-That it includes the following points: reason or reason why the work was done, objective, location and previous studies.
  • Methodology.-Include a description of the methodology used, or the procedures used during the development of the study and in the cases that merit it, making reference to bibliographic citations.
  • Results.- Include the description of the achievements obtained in the study.
  • Conclusions.- Summary of the contributions of the work.
  • Acknowledgments.- Include the institutions and people who participated in the development of the work, specifying their contribution and mentioning their full names.
  • References cited.- Include only references that are cited in the body of the text. Only the author's last name or surname will be cited in the text, as it appears in the original work, not including names or initials, followed by the year of publication, separated by a comma, for example (Martínez-Romero, 1998). In the “Cited References” section, references should be ordered alphabetically. In the case of references by the same authors, these will be in ascending chronological order (the oldest first). References should be written according to the following example: Ramsay, JG, Casey, M. and Kligfield, R. 1983, Role of shear in development of the Helvetic fold-thrust belt of Switzerland: Geology, V. 11, p.439-422 .
  • Extension.- The article must have a maximum of twelve pages, including tables and figures. It must be written in Word 2013 or newer with 12-point Arial font and single spacing, with margins of 2.5 cm on all four sides. The maximum size of the total file should not exceed 20 Mb.
  • Figures.- Figures (maps, diagrams, graphs, line drawings and / or photographs) must be numbered consecutively according to the order in which they are mentioned in the text. Each figure must be accompanied by a figure caption at the bottom of it. The description must be precise and contain the explanation of all the symbols and abbreviations used.
  • Tables.- Tables may also be included, which must be numbered separately from the figures. The number and title of the table will be placed at the top of it
  • All Figures and Tables (illustrations, photographs, etc.).- They must be in .tif or .jpg format. with compression at level 10 and at a resolution of 300 dpi. The work must be submitted armed with the tables and figures at the end of the text.

The Technical Works Committee will evaluate and select the best works based on their relevance to be included as technical conferences (clarifications may be requested not modifications to the works).

The works not selected within the program of technical conferences may be included in the posters section if the authors so wish.

Posters.- Posters may be presented that must contain the most relevant information and be profusely illustrated. To present a poster you must present a summary.

The completed work, in Word file format, as well as a summary curriculum of the speaker or the author of the Poster should be sent before the May 19, 2019 to the Technical Works Committee to the mail for


El comité de Trabajos Técnicos



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